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Tip: reduce paper clutter

The constant influx of mail, including periodicals can pile up very quickly. It is best to sort immediately the things that may be thrown out.

Magazines subscriptions provide excellent opportunity for clutter. When you receive a new magazine issue, throw out the previous month’s edition. Tear out any articles you to which you intend to refer or use later and file them, then recycle the old magazine. If you find that life is too full of other priorities and don’t have time to read the old or new editions, call the magazine and discontinue your subscription. Not only will this cut down on clutter and the ever growing list of things you don’t have time for, but also it will be better for the environment.

Of course, the best way to cut down on the volume of mail is to stop the mail from being sent.

Mail To remove yourself from new credit card solicitations, contact the Consumer Data Industry at You can also register with the Direct Marketing Association’s Do Not Mail List at to cut down the volume of advertising mail.
You may also decide to use the paperless billing that is available through most credit unions and banks. Most utilities companies also have paperless bills.
Important bills won’t get buried under junk mail and you will have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.